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Your meetings should feel like time well spent. Voicea makes sure they are. You can focus on having a great meeting, knowing all the while that Voicea is behind you. You concentrate on the people and the conversation. Voicea’s EVA (enterprise voice assistant) will join and create a recording of the meeting and listen for the moments designated as important using AI from voice commands, trigger words and taps. Voicea then organises a searchable record of the meeting with highlights that can be curated and shared with your team through any established workflow you already use. Voicea turns talk into action, creating faster follow up and total recall for the conversation itself. Less time wasted in unnecessary meetings. More time well spent.

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Voicea provides an API that enables access to a new data asset, the conversation data. This data can be leveraged to generate a new understanding of the ways your company engages with customers and partners as well as the health of your general meeting culture internally. Voicea can take Vonage Conversation data, and automate notes, or summaries based on the content of the conversation.