Hyper-connected Workplaces: How Wearable Devices Could Transform Sales and Service

In a world where technology is increasingly mobile, wearable devices are the obvious next step. Technology that you carry in your pocket is standard – now it’s time for technology that you can wear.

This year’s Dreamforce focused on how to make the workplace more agile and integrated – and wearables are the devices to enable this. Daniel Debow, SVP, emerging technologies, Salesforce, said “wearables are the next phase of the mobile revolution” and at NewVoiceMedia, we couldn’t agree more.

Wearables technology still hasn’t achieved an ‘iPhone moment’, where the technology becomes commonplace. However, according to Cornerstone OnDemand’s report, 66% of millennials (the workforce of tomorrow) are interested in using wearable devices at work, so it might not be long before the wearable is as much a part of the office as the desk or the mobile.

Wearables: the next technology to transform the workplace

Similar to how smartphones and cloud technology have already transformed the way we work, wearable technology is the next trend to change working habits. The technology blurs the line between people and their devices, creating a truly connected experience.

What sets wearable technology apart from the laptops, tablets, desktops and mobiles which fill most offices today, is the fact that it allows people to be more connected to the digital world, while still being more present in the real world.

For instance, you can quickly look at an Apple Watch and know immediately if you’ve got an email in one glance, as opposed to getting your mobile out of your pocket and bag. This means you can be fully present in a meeting, but still connected to the digital world.

When it comes to sales and service, Salesforce got the ball rolling when it launched the industry’s first initiative, Salesforce Wear, a marketplace for wearable apps built on the Salesforce platform. NewVoiceMedia was among the first partner apps featured – allowing sales and service to deliver immediate and personalized service.

Beyond the benefits for this industry, one study has shown that wearable technology in the workplace could increase overall productivity by 8.5% and employee satisfaction by 3.5%. As the updates are instant and the technology is truly mobile and easy to access, wearables can give your team more ways to work, as well as the data they need to feel in control of their working day.

Wearable technology for sales

So, why do sales people need this technology? Well, they need to be connected to prospects, as well as having the information they need available, while they’re making a call.

For instance, ContactWorld for Wearables notifies salespeople of incoming calls, so that they can respond more quickly. Plus, once they’re on the phone, their wearable device will display call notifications, with information about the prospect’s name, position and company, which enables sales people to make better-informed decisions in real-time.

Wearable technology for customer service

When it comes to contact centers, wearable technology looks set to create hyper-connected service teams, allowing customer service to reach a whole new level. This stretches beyond the standard contact center remote service technicians and medical device reps, who will be able to access data hands-free, and even get real-time coaching on their wearable device.

The technology will also allow customer service managers to be connected to the digital world, while in meetings, on the contact center floor, or during training sessions. This allows them to keep up to date with how the team are doing on core KPIs, wherever they are.

With access to more accurate data, supervisors can be more proactive in ensuring great customer service is maintained.


To find out how this technology could transform your sales or service team, read more about ContactWorld for Wearables. How do you think wearable technology could impact the workplace? Share your thoughts below.

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Written by Vonage Staff

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