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Number Insight API

The Vonage Number Insight API makes the most of existing customer data to secure fresher insights from real-time sources. Now you can identify phone numbers around the world and determine the best way to reach customers. Assess risk, prevent fraud, block fake accounts and increase acquisition – all without relying on customer input.

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Illustration of a mobile phone with a badge featuring a checkmark on the screen indicating fraud protection; a figure with a blacked out face dressed all in white with a white beanie and sunglasses to indicate a bad actor stands to the right and front of the phone

Fraud Score and SIM Swap Detection in Beta

Start using our new Fraud Assessment solutions now!

Fraud Score and SIM Swap Detection in Beta

Start using our new Fraud Assessment solutions now!

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Offer an enhanced customer experience

Identify callers and anticipate customer intent with Caller Identification.

Verify customers in context

Authenticate customers based on their intent — from sign up to sign in — with Tiered User Verification.
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Phone number validation

Validate the legitimacy of customer phone numbers to confirm reachability and reduce delivery errors.
  • Distinguish mobile numbers from landlines
  • Minimise fraud while guaranteeing a verified way to contact customer in the future
  • Reduce delivery errors across SMS- or voice-based marketing campaigns
  • Discover carrier to optimise SMS routing
Pictogram of four stars and an check mark indicating successful verification.

Fraud detection and step-up verification

Prevent costly fraudulent transactions using up-to-date phone number intelligence.
  • Identify possible fraudulent activity using Fraud Score and trigger step-up authentication when needed

  • Reduce customer friction with additional steps only for suspected numbers
  • Leverage Number Insight to deliver real-time phone number intelligence
  • Determine if a phone number is valid, reachable, a virtual number or a landline and more
  • Add a second layer of security with Verify 2-Factor Authentication

  • Detect SIM Swap fraud by knowing whether a phone's SIM card was recently changed

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