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Vonage Communications APIs

Engage your customers across messaging, voice, video, and more. Be where customers expect you to be: Everywhere.

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Communications APIs

Video Build live interactive video into your web and mobile apps.

Engage customers via MMS, SMS, and social chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. Try it with our Messages API Sandbox feature.

SMS Programmatically send and receive SMS in practically every country.
Voice Build high-quality voice applications in the cloud.
AI Studio

Empower developers and non-developers alike to create and deploy customer engagement experiences that operate in natural language.

Proactive Connect

Everything you need to manage intelligent omnichannel communications and large-scale AI-driven campaigns from a single destination.

In-App Voice Build branded in-app voice experiences on mobile or web.
SIP Trunking Make and receive calls from the cloud with your existing VoIP infrastructure.
In-App Messaging Create your own branded in-app messaging experience on mobile or web.
Conversation Stitch conversations from multiple communications channels into a single thread.
Email Send transactional messages, notifications and marketing campaigns through the customer journey via email.

Orchestrate multichannel message delivery with failover.

Programmable SIP

Deliver seamless communications across CRM, Contact Centre, Mobile, Web and Social apps to move the conversation with your user.

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Authentication APIs

Verify Verify user accounts and prevent fraud seamlessly with mobile two-factor authentication using SMS or voice.
Number Insight

Get real-time intelligence on any phone number in the world.

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Management APIs


Flexible reporting for all Vonage communications channels in one powerful API.

Audit Audit an array of account events to generate reports.
Advanced Insights Integrate detailed video session data into your customer experience analytics.
Subaccounts Use subaccounts to simplify configuration, reporting and billing of different projects.
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Programmable Numbers

Phone Numbers Instantly provision local numbers at global scale.
10 DLC

Provide a higher quality of the delivery of your messages originating from long codes while continuing to protect end-users from unwanted messages. (For messages sent to USA numbers only.)

Enhance the most common interactions with your customers

Vonage programmable solutions make every customer interaction an opportunity. Take the lead and broaden your reach, engagement, retention—not to mention overall customer experience. Our host of solutions include:

  • Customer Notification and Engagement
  • Voice-Based Critical Alerts
  • Call Tracking
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Private SMS

Find a Vonage API partner solution

Our partners help you build and implement unique communications experiences with Vonage APIs to accelerate your business. And our partners can help you attract and retain customers, too. Now that’s a good partner.

Learn how key industries are using Vonage APIs today

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Forget the waiting room. Conduct telehealth sessions, video appointments, virtual consultations, group therapy, and more. It’s all possible with Vonage APIs. Learn more
illustration of person video conferencing


Give your classroom some extra credit with 1:1 and group video consultations, multi-party video, user verification and notifications, and more. Learn more
Illustration of a man using an online shopping app on his mobile device.

Retail and Ecommerce

Create a legion of power shoppers. Vonage APIs help reach, engage, and protect customers to boost loyalty. Learn more
Stylized illustration of figure with mobile phone to represent mobility, a building to represent business, cash and a graph to represent finance, and a shield to represent security.

Financial Services

Bank on delighted customers with a host of APIs that focus on legitimate transactions, fraud detection, customer verification, and real-time customer communications. Learn more
Stylized illustration of mobile phone with ringing bell and speech bubble pop up. A figure emerging from the speech bubble delivering packages.

Logistics and Transportation

Innovate that last mile with key customer communications on multiple channels. Minimise missed delivery attempts and strengthen relationships with media-rich features. Learn more
Illustration of an online travel booking app in a laptop browser.

Travel and Hospitality

Become everyone’s favorite travel buddy. Keep travellers in the know with in-app messages and critical alerts, and reduce their stress with fraud detection and verification. Learn more
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