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Redefining the customer experience for modern financial services

Deliver a dynamic and engaging customer experience built around customer preferences without sacrificing security. Leverage easy to use APIs to embed verification, fraud detection, automated alerts, voice, video and customer insights directly into every customer interaction.
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Customers want more in even the simplest transactions — build experiences that exceed those demands.

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Innovative financial services companies are using communications APIs to transform the customer experience, delighting sometimes tentative customers with real-time authentication, video, voice and messaging interactions.

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Prevent fraud and deliver the better experience

Detect possible fraud and trigger step-up authentication when needed.
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Reduce customer friction
  • Make sure that your customers are genuine
  • Integrate with Vonage Number Insight and Vonage Verify
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Authenticate customers fast

Verify financial customers by reaching their mobile device with SMS or voice codes.
  • Add a seamless layer of security with a single API
  • Eliminate special hardware or app, just use any phone number
  • Send us the phone number and we handle the rest
  • Pay only for successful conversions
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Keep customers in the loop through SMS, MMS and social

Alert and engage customers through convenient texts or calls.
  • Deliver timely notifications regarding account balances, questionable transactions and more
  • Allow customers to confirm or reschedule appointments by text or call
  • Reduce costs by minimising missed appointments and support fees
  • Wow customers and strengthen relationships with media-rich features
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Deliver the best customer experience

Reference real-time insights and emotions to enable better decision-making, support and outcomes.
  • Minimise situations before escalation
  • Strengthen agent skills faster
  • Quantify the impact of training programmes, customer loyalty and more
Remitly Creates a More Secure, Lower-risk Remittance Service with Vonage APIs
Learn how Remitly reduced fraudulent transactions with the Vonage SMS API and two-factor authentication.
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