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Shield your business against rising fraud attacks with Vonage Protection Suite

Preventing your business from becoming the next fraud victim might seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t need to be with Vonage Protection Suite.

Protection Suite

What’s in the Vonage Protection Suite?

It’s a comprehensive set of tools that simplify end-to-end protection. Mix and match tools to guard your business against fraud. Components can be used individually or combined to meet a variety of needs.

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Fraud Defender

Protect against fraud with this easy-to-implement alert and blocking system

Implement real-time monitoring, alerting, and notifications to help put a halt to fraudulent activity for SMS and voice traffic.

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Verify API

Easily validate customers across the world at scale.

Implement 2FA across multiple channels using Vonage Verify API with failover workflows and built-in anti-fraud capabilities.

Number Insight API

Identify and evaluate global phone numbers for fraud assessment

Identify phone numbers for fraud assessment and database cleaning. The Number Insight API assigns a risk score and recommendation for selected phone numbers.

Management APIs

Make the most of your Vonage Communications APIs account with self-service tools

Leverage Reports, Audit, Subaccounts, and Advanced Insights APIs to enhance your application-building experience.




AI Acceleration Suite

Speed business transformation with Vonage AI Acceleration Suite. Integrated no-code/low-code solutions to simplify the process.
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