Streamline your contact center quality management processes

Contact centre quality management is equal parts success, coaching, and customer focus. And by streamlining the process in the CRM, you can access the tools and insights to continually improve team performance.

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Contact Centre KPIs

Enjoy seamless integration with your CRM*.

  • House your contact center metrics in the CRM as the primary data silo

  • Access the most comprehensive set of contact center metrics within CRM reports

  • Judge conversations against the latest KPIs easily

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Note taking

Control call recording playback to capture and note insights.

  • The Supervisor has the ability to listen to and pause a call recording to make notes

  • Before, during and after listening to a call recording, notes and comments can be added by simply clicking the comment icon, typing a comment and then clicking save

  • Notes are automatically flagged in the progress bar and time stamped to make them easy to revisit at a future time

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Call recordings

All inbound and outbound calls can be recorded; call recording settings can be configured for the account or even individual calls. Call recordings are accessed within the CRM task object, including lead, account, opportunity, case or a custom object.

  • Call recordings are stored in the Vonage cloud to deliver significant cost savings
  • Find any conversation recording easily simply by clicking a link from within the CRM object

  • Call recordings can be configured to only record the agent, continue recording during third party transfers and automatically pause whilst on hold then resume

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Listening to agents during inbound or outbound calls provides invaluable insight into how they interact with customers. Supervisor observations can be used to coach agents in the future, or even live while the call is in progress.

  • Three-way mode allows the Supervisor to join the call, similar to being in a conference call, and engage with the agent and customer

  • Whisper coaching lets the Supervisor speak to and coach the agent live during a call, without the customer hearing

  • In Secret monitor mode, the supervisor cannot be heard on the call by either the agent or the customer

  • All three parties - Customer, Supervisor and Agent - can be recorded


Speech Analytics

Speech analytics solution Conversation Analyzer allows Quality Managers to evaluate all calls rather than just a small percentage.

  • Use automatic voice call analysis to spotlight key trends quickly

  • Assess the team’s compliance and product knowledge

  • Listen to both the highs and the lows, leveraging the automatic categorisation of calls

  • Pair call recordings with transcripts and metrics to help better understand conversations

*CRM’s supported: SalesforceMicrosoft Dynamics and ServiceNow

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Quality management – hunt for heroes instead of finding failure
Learn to reframe quality management, in and out of the contact center, for a more successful outcome.
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