25 People You Should Meet at Salesforce World Tour New York

Thousands of Salesforce fans will descend on the Javits Center on Thursday as Salesforce World Tour arrives in New York.

The event promises a packed day of presentations, hands-on sessions, success & dev zones, and meeting new people. But with so many attendees, it's difficult to find individuals in the crowd, so here are the 25 people I'd recommend you try to meet whilst there. See more, and tell me your suggestions by using the Twitter Hashtag #Salesforce25

The list features people that are prominent in the Salesforce eco-system such as Shannon Hale (Salesforce Product Management Director), Keith Block (Salesforce President and Vice Chairman, and Keynote speaker), and Cheryl Feldman (fellow MVP, and local User Group Leader).

Here's the full list of people, and their Twitter accounts so you can follow what they are saying about the event:

Jayvin Arora

Maria Belli

Keith Block

Luke Cushanick

Becka Dente

Justin Edelstein

Cheryl Feldman

Andrew Grosse

Shannon Hale

Ohad Idan

Charlie Isaacs

Gillian Madill

Deane McCloy

Ross Moser

Cara Olson

Maria Pergolino

Emma Samuel

Matthew Schutz

Mary Scotton

Sharif Shaalan

Gireesh Sonnad

Alex Sutherland

Phil Walton

Reggie Wideman

Jennifer Wobser
Phil Walton
Phil Walton

Phil Walton is a freelance consultant, working on salesforce.com projects for over 10 years. He is one of only two salesforce.com MVPs in Europe, and runs the Salesforce North England User Group. Phil also writes a weekly Salesforce Blog, reviews AppExchange Apps, and compiles useful lists of ‘people to meet at…’.

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