ConnectWise Cloud Integration: IT Business Management's Secret Weapon

IT has become such an integral part of modern business that, in many cases, companies can directly tie it to overall success. Manage your infrastructure well, and your business processes will flourish. Conversely, poor IT management can quickly kill any business mojo you've got going.

With that in mind, ConnectWise cloud can ease the management aspects of modern IT. From seamless cloud monitoring and management to automated cloud billing, this technology makes it easier to operate a successful cloud in an age where managerial tasks can quickly overwhelm the most unflappable employee.

As great as these features are, they only make up part of the IT puzzle. After all, you wouldn't be here if you weren't out to squeeze every last bit of performance and efficiency from your environment. As with many things in life, the ConnectWise cloud is actually at its best when it's part of a team. As it relates to IT, this means integrating with other aspects of your environment. Read on to learn how the combination of ConnectWise and your communications platform can create tangible efficiency gains and cost savings.

What Can ConnectWise Cloud Integration Do for You?

Admittedly, IT integrations tend to strike fear into the hearts of IT professionals. However, this integration of two cloud technologies makes all the difference. Instead of worrying about compatibility lists and scheduled downtime, integrating ConnectWise and your cloud communications platform is a plug-and-play affair.

Why would you want to attempt this integration in the first place? You're looking for ways to make your life easier and more productive, right? If so, you're in luck, because that's exactly what this kind of integration offers — in addition to providing some extra savings.

Intelligent automation could produce anywhere from 40 to 75 percent cost savings, according to KPMG.

Think about it this way: ConnectWise helps automate IT management. Well, what's management without communication? By tightly integrating both worlds, your job gets easier. For example, you may already be using ConnectWise to manage IT tickets and support. As such, you already know ConnectWise provides a bounty of tools to make this process highly visible and efficient. What happens, however, when you need to communicate with a user, customer, or vendor on a specific ticket?

Like most, you probably search for contact information, make a call, and find yourself with a pile of information to somehow incorporate into the ticket. With cloud-based phone system integration, this becomes a much more streamlined task.

Instead of the above scenario, you could click to dial the vendor straight from your ticket while leveraging integrated, automatic call logging and note syncing to take the legwork out of compiling information. All this leads to less time spent on trivial tasks and more time being productive.

Driving Savings and Success

So, ConnectWise integration with a cloud-based communication platform can improve efficiency. What exactly does that mean for you? Well, to throw some cold, hard numbers at you, KPMG reports intelligent automation could produce anywhere from 40 to 75 percent cost savings. Has that piqued your interest?

In reality, ConnectWise and communication integration go far beyond the financial figures businesses tend to put on a pedestal. When you consider the notion that IT business management is as much an art as it is a science — as CIO so eloquently puts it — you begin to realize the greater operational benefits such an integration offers.

As the article points out, the success of IT business management can be surprisingly subjective. From your colleagues to your clients, success is judged by user satisfaction as much as any finance report. This satisfaction depends heavily on your ability to facilitate business processes in an effective and dependable manner. Wasting time on menial tasks such as contact lookup, ticket updating, and all those other loose ends of IT management and communication isn't helping your cause. It's for this reason — in addition to the potential cost savings — that integration is so critical.

When all's said and done, an investment in integrating your business management application and your communication platform is an investment in IT success. Streamlining admin control, data capture, and caller interactions all lead to tangible cost and time savings, which in turn free you up to focus on user satisfaction.


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