Getting Started: Setting Up Voicemail

Did you know that your Vocalocity phone system actually comes with not one, but FOUR possible voicemail messages?

Changing Voicemail Greetings with Vocalocity Mobile

  • Log into the Vocalocity Mobile app
  • Tap "Settings"
  • Tap "Voicemail"
  • Scroll to the section under "Voicemail Greetings" and select the type of recording you want to change. For example, "Busy"
  • Tap on "Busy" and press "Record"
  • The phone will prompt you to enter a phone number from which to record your message. You can also use your cell phone.
  • Press "Dial"
  • When your phone rings, you'll hear a prompt to record your message and press # when you're done
  • To save your message, press "1" or press "2" to delete it and start again
  • Repeat the process for all the different types of greetings you want to customize
  • When you're all done, remember to press "Save"

Changing Voicemail Greetings from Your Desk Phone

  • Press the message or voicemail button on your desk phone
  • The system will prompt you to enter your password and press #
  • Press "4" to access your mailbox options
    • Press 1 to change your Unavaliable message
    • Press 2 to change your Busy / Do Not Disturb message
    • Press 3 to change your Name
    • Press 4 to change your Temporary / Vacation message
    • Press 5 to change your PIN number
  • Once you've chosen the type of message you want to change, start recording at the beep and press # when you're done speaking
  • To save your message, press "1" or to delete the message press "2"

It's that simple! Now, when people call you, they'll hear a different message based on the options you've set up.

Written by Vonage Staff

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