Mobile is Another Word for Happiness

It’s kind of frustrating being out of the office. Well actually in terms of people and scenery many folk prefer to stay out as much as they can. But being on the road is a second best experience as far as getting work done.

If you are old school then it’s a phone and paper combination. Sitting in the car, station café or airport lounge, it’s always a scramble to make the agreed deadline for that call or visit. Contact details, case notes, installation briefs are seldom where you think they should be.  Important information lies stuck in an email attachment you can no longer find in time.

To cap it all, the end of day admin that goes with this lifestyle also sucks. It’s a never ending stream of transcribing notes, filling in activity logs for management reports, updating deal status and next actions on service jobs.

But this has always been the daily routine of ‘people to talk to, people to visit’ roles such as sales or field service. And it’s all because when you leave the office half of your systems support goes offline until you can log back in. Remember VPNs?

That is until NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld arrived on Salesforce1 Mobile app and provided a complete digital workspace for those who ‘don’t do office’ on a regular basis.  Think multi-channel CRM on a mobile app. It’s cool.

So what’s different?

Making life easier is always a vote winner. Especially when you can make the boring bits disappear. So here are some examples to whet your appetite when you fire up the new app.

  • Work from a fully scheduled list of calls which is automatically generated each time you use the app. No searching for names and contact histories. Just there in front of you waiting to be used on any flavour of BYOD smartphone. By the way, this is a ‘plug in’ free experience. So it just works.
  • Can’t get through and need another contact option? Forget the effort of keeping your own local contact list up to date. Just log into the nearest wifi spot and securely find the information straight from the official CRM record
  • When you are promoted to regional manager you get the escalations. So the service call you urgently need to make is a red alert. You don’t know the client personally just that your organisation’s NPS is on a nose dive. The app gives you access to the whole sorry story and who said what when. You can properly prepare with all the facts at hand. Result? You hit the ground running and can deliver a personalised experience you hope will regain some lost ground.
  • Let the system do the hard work at the end of each call. Recording and all your notes are automatically uploaded. And if that information is time sensitive, others can see it just as soon as it hits the cloud. This is what customer responsiveness is all about.

Having your means of communication and source of customer data on standby at the tap of an app changes the experience of teamwork. Wherever there is connectivity, there is the possibility of working in real-time together.

This is the equivalent of discovering the earth/office is no longer the centre of the universe. This triggers a fundamental re-orientation. Suddenly the centre of things becomes everywhere. Smart leaders of teams will realise pretty fast what this means. Everyone stays visible on the pitch while the game is on. Collaborative working just moved further centre stage.

Download the app now. Become happier.

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Martin Hill-Wilson
Martin Hill-Wilson

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