News from the Foundation: St. Michael's Hospice Donation

This post is an update from the NewVoiceMedia Foundation through which we support and fund charitable activities both within our local communities as well as those operating overseas. Launched in 2010, it works together with all NewVoiceMedia employees to develop new and existing relationships with non profit organisations.

Just before Christmas our NewVoiceMedia Foundation donated £581.29 to St. Michael's Hospice. We asked our online community to vote between three charities and £1000 was allocated out based on the share of votes.

St. Michael's Hospice are based in Hampshire and care for local people with a life-limiting illness. They do this through their In-Patient Unit, Day Care facilities, Hospice at Home Service and growing range of Out-Patient services. Our donation could be used to fund the housekeeping in the hospice for one week.

To read more about The NewVoiceMedia Foundation please click here.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.
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