Partner Focus: Let Marketpoint Take Your Contact Centre Global

This post is part of our Partner Focus series where we look at NewVoiceMedia partners who are using our technology in innovative ways.

Imagine you are a high-growth company based in Colorado, US. Your widget product is flying off the shelves across the country and its time to introduce it to the rest of the world. You can manufacture your widgets, and you can ship your widgets. Your big issue though is how to support your new customers on the other side of the world.

Your first thought is that you'll just get all customer support calls to come into your US contact centre. You can get some agents on a night shift to cover the time zones.

But then you worry about the languages. Can you get Chinese and Russian speakers in your neighbourhood?

OK, so the next plan is to set up regional contact centres. One in Europe perhaps and then one in Asia. So you start specifying locations, buildings, phone systems and identifying agents to recruit.

How many calls will you receive? When will the calls come? What languages will they be in? How many agents will you need? Whatever you decide, you're sure it will probably be incorrect.

Marketpoint's Global Contact Centre Network

The other option is to accept that what your company does well is make awesome widgets and focus on that core competency. You could continue to run your US contact centre in-house and use a company like Marketpoint to provide your global customers with the local presence they expect.

Marketpoint specialises in providing their clients with a global network of contact centres across 5 continents. Companies are able offer a multi-lingual, 24x7 service and their customers feel comfortable that the agent they are speaking to is nearby.

Just like the NewVoiceMedia cloud model, Marketpoint's clients are able to quickly flex up their usage as they need it. If there is an urgent widget recall in South America, you have the agents ready to go at a moment's notice.

Marketpoint's clients use them for both outbound and inbound services:


  • Lead generation
  • Data cleansing
  • Appointment setting
  • Conference and seminar registration
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


  • Enquiry handling
  • Recall management
  • Orders
  • Out of hours
  • Event registration processing

It's primarily on the inbound services where the partnership with NewVoiceMedia comes in to play. Companies are able to provide a set of local numbers to clients, but the call will be routed to the most appropriate available agent whereever they are located in the world - whether in the customer's own contact centre, or one of Marketpoint's global network.

For further information on how Marketpoint could help you to take your contact centre global then visit their website at

What was your strategy for rolling out a global contact centre? Have you used an outsourcer to expand your reach?

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Written by Vonage Staff

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