Record Custom Virtual Receptionist Greetings

The holidays seem to be the busiest and most important time of the year for many companies. To keep your mind stress-free this season we wanted to remind you how easy it is to set up your holiday Virtual Receptionist!

Record your greetings early, or call our Customer Care team at 1-866-901-0242 now to assist you. It's a perfect way to ensure that your customers will know exactly how to contact you on the days you plan to be out of the office.

Watch our video below to learn two quick and easy ways to upload greetings by yourself, or visit the Vocalocity support site page about Virtual Receptionist settings.

  1. From your Virtual Receptionist panel on your Admin Portal, click the red "record" button
  2. Enter your phone number or extension number
  3. Enter a unique file name to help you remember what type of recording you've made
  4. Click "Dial" and your phone will call you and guide you through how to record your custom greeting
  5. When you're done speaking and have saved the greeting over the phone, make sure to click the green "Save" button on the top right of your Admin Portal screen
  1. If you already have a pre-recorded file, upload your custom recording by clicking the blue button with a plus (+) sign in the middle
  2. Select the audio file from your computer, just like how you would select a file to attach to an email
  3. Once you click "Upload" the greeting will be set to work with your Virtual Receptionist

Doesn’t it feel good to know one more thing is checked off your list?

Written by Vonage Staff

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