Reduce Spend on Hardware and IT Support Staff

In a world where traditional call centre technology costs money, and where changes to it need to be carried out by specialists in the IT department or external suppliers, cloud technology allows call centre managers to make their own changes and save time and money.

Cloud contact centres like NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld allow call centre managers to make their own changes instantly via web pages, thus avoiding the delays and costs of asking the internal IT department to do it.

It avoids confusion over what is required, and it allows call centre managers to “experiment”, trying something new for a few calls or a few hours, before reverting back to how the system is normally set up. One of our customers regularly makes very minor changes to their IVR menus and makes over 1,000 changes to their call plan each year. The ability to experiment is a very powerful tool for managers who wish to improve their customer service, so having the ability to do this at no cost is a significant benefit.

Finally, the use of cloud-based services avoids the cost and delays associated with expanding customer premise based call centres, and allows the company to rent only what capacity they actually need. It allows instant expansion of a call centre, by hundreds of agents if required, and can reduce agents just as quickly.
Richard Pickering
Richard Pickering

Richard co-founded NewVoiceMedia with Ashley in 2000. Previously to that he was part of the Genesys Labs start-up that was sold to Alcatel for $1.5bn. Richard has over 30 years exprience working in call centre technology markets, including 24 years at BT where he designed many of thier internal call centres. Richard has considerable experience applying call centre technology to solve business problems and plans to share his thoughts on these and other issues through his blog.

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