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Smart Numbers

Vonage Smart Numbers combine the power of unified communications and communications APIs to integrate information across multiple platforms. Intelligently programme any Vonage Business Communications phone number to create customer and employee experiences designed for your unique business needs.1

1Vonage's services, or specific features or functionality of the services, may not be available in all locations. Please contact your sales representative for current availability. Smart Numbers is currently available in the US and Australia only.

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Bespoke solutions made simple

Build custom voice workflows for your Vonage Business Communications numbers with just a few simple lines of code.
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Custom capabilities, flexible features

Leverage a wide variety of API-driven capabilities to customise workflows and solve for unique use cases.
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Satisfied customers, differentiated experiences

Create intelligent workflows that deliver faster, better and more personalised customer interaction.
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Happier employees, higher productivity

Drive internal collaboration and boost productivity with flexible integrations and workflows that make a big impact on employee experience.

Combine the power of UC and APIs with Smart Numbers: watch now to see how.

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Real-time intelligent interactions at the call level

Using the power of communications APIs and a little imagination, you can program any Smart Number to deliver customised voice workflows that create better customer interactions
  • Automated virtual receptionist
  • Bot-enabled meeting schedulers
  • Real-time translation
  • Dynamic geographic routing
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Intelligent transcription services
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Deploy Smart Numbers in no time

Using standard web technologies and just a few lines of code, your developers can program Smart Numbers to quickly deploy customisations on top of your Vonage Business Communications functionality. Vonage also offers pre-packaged Smart Numbers apps -- no code required.
  • Programmatically route calls
  • Enable chatbots
  • Integrate with third-party applications
  • Leverage Vonage APIs -- familiar to 940k+ developers
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Extend the power of your communications strategy

Integrate Smart Numbers to a third-party platform or application from the Vonage partner network to create even more customisations
  • Salesforce
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Watson
  • Office 365

  • Mulesoft
  • Amazon Web Services
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Winner of 2019 CRN Tech Innovators Award

Smart Numbers took top honours in the Collaboration Applications and UC category. CRN editors evaluated hundreds of products using multiple criteria, including technological advancements, uniqueness of features and potential to help solution providers solve common IT challenges.
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