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Spam Shield

Get all incoming calls checked for phone spam, and see instant warnings on your caller ID.
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For your busy workforce, phone spam and telemarketing calls not only represent an annoyance — they often result in lost productivity that can harm your bottom line. The good news is that Vonage Business Communications customers can employ our Spam Shield product to detect and warn users in real time of unwanted phone spam before they answer.
When you activate Spam Shield, the phone number of every incoming call is immediately run against a dynamic database of numbers associated with telemarketing, robocalls and scams. When the caller’s number is matched to this list, that number and a “Suspected Spam” notice is shown on your caller ID — allowing you to decline to answer the call.*

*Accuracy of spam identification may vary.

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No configuration is required. The service works upon activation.
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Avoid annoying spam calls that inhibit day-to-day productivity. Ideal for individual employee extensions and call centre extensions.
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Automatically get “Suspected Spam” warnings on your desk phone, smartphone caller ID and computer desktop, add all detected spam-associated numbers to a call block list and cut down on unwanted calls in the future.
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