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Social media booking management

Enable customers to track booked flights, lodgings, purchases, shipping information and more via their favourite social media networks.
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Keep the conversation social

Engage with your customers on the platforms that they use and enjoy regularly.

Keep your customers up to date

Engage proactively at every step of the customer journey to handle any issues that arise. You can enhance the lifetime value of customers by engaging with them on an ongoing basis.

Hold a richer conversation

Facilitate personalised interactions with images, audio, video, location-based insights and even quick reply buttons.

Engage the world at scale

The Vonage Messages API makes sure that you can engage instantly at scale — with any customer — via SMS, MMS, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger and other leading social network chat apps.

How social media booking management works.

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1. Connect your business to the world's chat networks

The Vonage Messages API makes it easy to offer customers the option to get updates and stay in touch through their favourite chat apps.
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2. Stay connected at customer check-out

When a customer is completing a purchase, they can connect their social chat account with your business, granting you access to send notifications and rewards through the channel they use most.
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3. Engage the customer with relevant updates

Your application provides support via social chat along the entirety of the customer journey — delivering e-tickets, reminding the customer to check in, delivering boarding passes and even alerting them of changes.
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4. Facilitate future engagements

Continue the conversation with future offers and enable the customer to secure bookings via chat. Credit card information can be transferred via a secure purchase URL.
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Programmable elements used in this solution

  • Manage social accounts
  • Send a message
  • Receive a message

Why choose Vonage APIs for social media booking management?

Single API across all social networks

The Vonage Messages API integrates with all the major social networks, so you can support the customer journey quickly and easily via whatever networks your customers use.

Minimise costs while maximising impact

Exchange as many messages with customers as you'd like, while leveraging rich communication with images, audio, video and location-based insights — yet pay only for what you use.

Designed to enable interactions across channels

Build custom workflows and incorporate other channels using our scalable SMS and Messages API.

Less code to write and maintain, plus faster time to market

We eliminate the need to understand and manage the nuances, restrictions and features between the chat apps — so you can focus on what you do best. Just connect to the API and start chatting.

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