Record the calls for reference

The Vonage Contact Center can record all inbound and outbound calls, which are logged automatically as hyperlinks within your CRM (lead, account, opportunity or case as applicable). This makes it easy to find any recorded conversation by simply clicking the recording link. Supervisors can reference these recordings to help with ongoing training, issue resolution and more. And you can customise the contact center call recording sessions per account or individual call.

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Storage and savings

Keep your data safe and secure… and save, too.
  • Recordings are stored in the Vonage cloud
  • All recordings are encrypted through AES256 to deliver significant cost savings
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Inbound call recording

Keep and maintain recordings based on select requirements.
  • Easily configure call recording rules within your individual interaction plans
  • Recordings can be linked to all calls, percentage of calls, specific callers and more
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Outbound call recording

Keep track of all outbound contact.
  • Conveniently enable or disable outbound call recordings
  • Easily access recordings as needed
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Call transfers to third parties

Manage recordings to third parties.
  • Call recording continues when transferred to a third party
  • Recordings can stop if necessary
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